NedTech Nig Ventures is a leader in the design, manufacturing and assembly of sheet metal products. Our steel fabrication capabilities cover carbon steel, stainless steel Aluminum and Galvanized Steel.

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Cable Tray

We supply cable trays of the highest industrial standards to businesses, factories, manufacturing units, and other setups to create an

Wire Mesh Tray

Wire Mesh trays was introduced when the need for the performance, safety and economic needs of cables increased. They…

Cable Ladder Tray

NedTech produces Cable Ladders that suits the requirement of heavy duty cable. They are quite well known for the strength and durability of the cable trays. We produce as per the standard specification and safety controls.


Cable Trunking

A cable trunk is transmission channel between 2 unique wires and one of these wires go about as a hub or switch for whole wiring framework.